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Whether you're a professional managing multiple portfolios or an individual investor, you'll come to rely on Barchart Trader's array of features and functions.

The app's Chart Trader feature allows you to trade futures directly from your charts. You can monitor real-time positions and P&L, place market, limit and stop orders, watch trends, and set alerts to watch prices.

Learn about integrated Futures Trading.

red squareTRADING VIEW

Based on user feedback, Barchart Trader now offers simplified order entry and more powerful tools (click to enlarge images):

Trading Account Overview


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The top right corner of the Trading View shows purchasing power, OTE/MVO, position and P/L for the active trading account. You also see the symbol chosen from the Positions table with its current position, average price, and profit/loss. Quickly issue a trade for your position for the symbol using the Close, Reverse or Break-Even buttons.

Market View


See 'Symbol Search' video

Click on any symbol in your Positions table to display the symbol's overview. Information for the symbol includes the DOM Trader, current prices, and 52W Highs/Lows. Place orders from the DOM Trader by clicking on a price in the ladder to place a stop or limit order. Double-click on the Price column to center the DOM.

Accounts & Positions Table (Customizable) 2


Provides a detailed view of Accounts and Positions.
Display Accounts, Positions, or both.
You can 'star' certain accounts for emphasis, then select them from the filters.

Accounts & Positions Table (Customizable) 3

Click Filters to choose the Accounts you wish to view (All, Current Active, Live, Simulated or Starred).
Click Columns to customize the display. To rearrange columns, simply drag-and-drop.
Click Export to download a Position or Account Summary (.csv format).

Orders & Fills Table (Customizable) 1

ORDERS & FILLS TABLE (Customizable)

Provides a detailed view of Working, Filled, Canceled and Rejected Orders.
Click on column headings to sort the table in ascending or descending order.

Orders & Fills Table (Customizable) 2-3

Modify/delete working orders directly from the table.
Click Filters to select the Order States you wish to view (Working, Filled, Canceled or Rejected.)
Click Columns to customize the display. To rearrange columns, simply drag-and-drop.

red square ORDER TICKET

See videos: 'Overview'  |  'Symbol Search'

The Order Ticket now includes new features for active traders (click to enlarge images). Traders can enter an order for a specific symbol with additional customization, including a:

  • Dom Ladder to set prices
  • OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other) Orders
  • Bracket and Iceberg Orders and support for Trailing Stops

New Order Ticket 2

When entering a Limit, Stop, or Stop Limit Order, set the price manually or use the new DOM Ladder to view current activity. With the DOM Ladder open, click on the price you want to set as your desired price.

New Order Ticket 3

ORDERS & FILLS TABLE (Customizable)

Set a Trailing Peg for Stop Orders using the Trailing Tab. Even when Barchart Trader is closed, the CQG trading gateway will continue to adjust the peg.

New Order Ticket 4

For Bracket (OCO) Orders, Barchart Trader automatically calculates and displays the resulting Target and Stop Order that will be placed when your initial trade is executed.

Simulated Trading


With Barchart Trader, speculators, hedgers, and investors can experience a simulated trading platform to learn a wide variety of trading strategies, and expand their investing knowledge and reach. This simulated trading platform is all-inclusive and customizable, and helps you grow professionally as an investor.

Portfolio Manager


Portfolio Manager is a streamlined account, position and order history management tool. Get details on account balances and margin requirements, as well as current open positions with realized and unrealized P&L. Use hot keys for reversing or closing out positions and export your trading activity directly from the app.

Charting Chart Trader


See video

With the click of a button you can switch between standard charts and the application's Chart Trader, which allows you to trade futures directly from your charts. You can monitor real-time positions, P&L, extensive historical data, over 100 technical studies and indicators, and place market, limit and stop orders.

See Details
Interactive Charts Custom Equations
Enter your own equations Drawing tools
Overlays & Comparisons Seasonality Charts

Multiple Trading Accounts


Never miss an opportunity when you sign-up for multiple trading accounts: you can now monitor all trading activities, positions and orders at one time. Traders no longer need to choose an account in each order ticket, and can be confident that placed trades are going to the right account.

The Active Trading Account is now an application-wide, color-coded setting:    yellow  for live accounts,  green  for simulated accounts. Choose the desired Active account from 'Order Ticket' > 'Quick Order Expression' (now located at the top of all screens).

Order Entry


Quickly place orders using your keyboard and the application's auto-complete or repeat order expression. Provides the speed and efficiency you need for fast entry and high-volume trading.

DOM Trader


See video

Trade directly from the order book and analyze limit orders as the market moves. Place market orders, limit orders and stops with the click of a mouse while monitoring for volume traded at various price levels. With DOM Trader, you can view the day's total volume traded at each price level. The Volume at Price feature helps you identify trends and volume patterns as you place orders. Side-by-side view of buy/sell orders or Level 2 data provides insight about depth of liquidity in a given market.

Activity Reports


View a breakdown of all your recent and current activity on an easy-to-navigate Reports page. View Position Summary to see real-time positions and account balances. The Order Summary shows all working and filled orders. Export this data to your desktop (in .csv format) to keep track of all your trades.



A Trading Notification is a visual or audio alert that some activity has occurred in your trading account. For users handling multiple trading accounts, you can now set different notifications by account or trade type.

Set notifications in the Trading Preferences or by clicking the Configure Notifications button that appears when an event occurs.

Mute Order can be used when the order may have multiple fills and you don't want subsequent notifications.

Integrated Trading


This feature utilizes CQG's market leading gateway for electronic futures trading; Barchart Trader is supported by the brokers listed below. To use integrated trading, request a CQG login from your broker. Then go to 'Settings' > 'Trading Providers' and enter your new CQG/Broker username and password. Select 'Live Trading' to enable live futures trading.

Once you're connected, your account balances and positions will be synced. All of your account information and transactions remain stored with your broker. Now, a tab labeled 'Trading' will appear at the top of the Barchart Trader screen, which contains your account and order information.


ABN AMRO Dot Commodity Otkritie Securities
ADM ED&F Man Phillip Futures
Aliom Financial Markets High Ridge Futures INTL FCStone
Alor IF Derivatives Rand Financial Services
AMP Clearing Infinity Futures RBC Capital Markets
BCS Financial Group ITinvest RBS Group
Bell Potter Jefferies Rosenthal Collins Group
Berkeley Futures Jitneytrade RJ O'Brien
BNP Paribas J.P. Morgan Santander Global Banking & Markets
BOC International KCG Shepard International
Bremer Landesbank KGI Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
Citigroup Knight Straits Financial
Crossland Kyte Group Sweet Futures
Daniels Trading Linn Group United Overseas Bank
DBS Vickers Securities Macquarie Velocity Futures Marex Financial VietinBank
DMG & Partners Securities MBF Clearing Vision Financial Markets
Dorman Trading Mizuho Wedbush