Quoteboards, charts, custom workspaces — all the features you need in one place.
Quoteboard grid
Quoteboard table


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Futures traders can quickly load pre-configured quoteboards for markets like grains, energy, metals and indices, saving time on entering symbols. Easily modify the fields displayed, and rearrange columns with the drag-and-drop interface.

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Grid or Table Layout Futures Options
Drag-and-drop Columns Pre-Configured Futures Quotes
Link to Charts, News, etc. Customize Fields
Change Fonts Change Colors

Charting Chart Trader


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With the click of a button you can switch between standard charts and the application's Chart Trader, which allows you to trade futures directly from your charts. You can monitor real-time positions, P&L, extensive historical data, over 100 technical studies and indicators, and place market, limit and stop orders.

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Interactive Charts Custom Equations
Enter your own equations Drawing tools
Overlays & Comparisons Seasonality Charts

Custom Workspaces


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Barchart Trader's simple drag-and-place panels and pre-configured templates (see video) allow you to get started quickly and include all the data — and only the data — you need.

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Fast installation Login from any device
Customize your color & theme Pre-configured templates
See only the content you need Create, save and share your templates
Collaborate and add up to four additional monitors Use short-cut keys for speed

Simulated Trading


With Barchart Trader, speculators, hedgers, and investors can experience a simulated trading platform to learn a wide variety of trading strategies, and expand their investing knowledge and reach. This simulated trading platform is all-inclusive and customizable, and helps you grow professionally as an investor.

Cash Grain Bids by zip code


Add the Cash Grain Bids workspace to view local grain bids. Simply enter a zip code, and you will get an array of information and details instantly.

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View price and basis for local cash bids by zip code
View elevator and co-op names
View deliveries and locations for each elevator
See distance in miles from entered zip code

Options Analysis


Get all the in-depth information and resources you need to build strategies and make strong trading decisions. Gain a better understanding of your trades with a breakdown of recent and current activity, all with a click of the mouse.

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Number of days to expiration Interest Rate
Implied Volatility Simulated P&L Charts
Greeks and IV-Skew on strike prices Options Strategy Builder

Equity Options


With Barchart Trader, you can see US and Canadian equity options data right in your workspace. Enter the root stock symbol and view option prices by strike price (for calls, puts and change expirations), weekly or monthly options. In addition to viewing Last Price, Bid, Ask and Volume, you can also check option greeks, including Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, Implied Volatility and more.



For Traded Spreads, you can view calendars, bull spreads, butterflies and other exchange traded spreads. The Spread Matrix provides fast access to a calendar spread table across all expirations.


Trading is now available for Exchange-Traded Spreads. These are special contracts that will execute one trade for all legs of a particular spread (click to enlarge image, left).

Use the Search function in the Order Ticket to find the spread contract. Spread contracts have special symbology, such as '_S_SP_contract1_contract2' where _S indicates Spread, _SP indicates Standard Spread, followed by the specific contracts contained in the spread.

Time and Sales


Real-time and historical time and sales data are available so you can monitor trading activity as it occurs, or review historical transactions as needed.

Historical Data


Tick, intra-day, and end-of-day data are at your fingertips with Barchart Trader.

In seconds you can download days, weeks, or years of historical data and export it to Excel or another application. No data is filtered; queries are unlimited.

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End-of-Day Data Since Contract Inception on Futures
Stocks & Indices back to 1988 Forex back to 2001
Three years of Minute Data 30 days of Tick Data

Alerts and Notifications


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Set audio and visual triggers based on price conditions or when a condition is triggered, and stay up to date with the latest price developments — without having to continually monitor your screen. You can also set different types of notifications by account or trade type.

DDE Export Quoteboard

DDE (Export Quoteboard)

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows applications to share data. Now, Windows users can use DDE in Barchart Trader to export any quoteboard or fixed quoteboard to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or LibreOffice Calc, and auto-update the spreadsheet in real time as Barchart Trader gets new data.
Get step-by-step set-up instructions.



Get technical buy/sell/hold opinions for all instruments trading. Opinions are based on short, medium, and long-term indicators including moving average cross overs and oscillators, as well as a composite indicator across all time periods.



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From Dow Jones headlines and company press releases, to AgMarket commentary and USDA news, scan and search new sources by category, symbol and keyword.

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Associated Press MarketWire
Dow Jones Ag Market Commentary
Comtex Wall Street Wire USDA
BusinessWire Inside Futures
PR Newswire Zachs Investment Research



Access interactive weather maps that provide zoom in/out capability, as well as current conditions and forecasts based on zip codes. Extended weather data provides detailed information such as soil moisture, precipitation and growing degree days.




Instantly receive an in-depth and informative list of a wide variety of market leaders. Customize your platform by Asset Type, Exchange, Number of Results, and more!



Get a complete technical summary for an instrument.

See an overview of key technical indicators, like moving averages for prices and volumes, as well as stochastics, relative strength and volatility across multiple time periods.



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Access dozens of pre-configured templates to get set-up quickly — or create your own templates and apply them to individual panels or to all futures panels of that type. Templates load instantly and can be modified as needed. You can download templates and share them via email.



View the latest income statement, ratios and other essential fundamental data for equities, including market capitalization, growth rates, earnings per share, P/E ratio, beta and other key values.

Multiple Monitor Support


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Use multiple monitors for trading and viewing the markets and move workspace panels with ease to any screen.

Barchart Trader for Mobile and Tablet


Never miss another trade opportunity — take Barchart Trader with you on your phone or tablet. Our mobile apps let you stay connected with real-time streaming market data, news, analytics and trading capability.

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Login Login from Anywhere Set your credentials and login from any device
Themes Interface Choose from multiple themes and colors
Keyboard Order Entry Short-Cut Keys Enter orders quickly with easy key strokes
Company Profiles & Financials Company Financials Get key financial highlights and ratios, including Sector, Industry, New Income, Earnings Per Share